Your Lakewood Ranch Home’s HVAC: A Look at the Different Types of Thermostats

types of thermostats

Did you know that 86% of homes in Florida have some sort of air conditioning? It’s difficult to think of life in the humid, warm swamps of Florida without air conditioning for the summer. But how do the different types of thermostats affect your AC?

If you’re curious to install new HVAC in a Lakewood Ranch home, we’re here to help. Here are the four main types of thermostats you’ll find.

Non-Programmable Thermostat

For your Lakewood Ranch HVAC system, you may choose a non-programmable thermostat. These thermostats are basic and have few, if any, features beyond their core function.

If you’re looking for HVAC in Lakewood Ranch that doesn’t take much effort, this is ideal. A non-programmable thermostat is adjusted by going to the thermostat and making the change there.

However, that’s the extent of its use. You cannot pre-program these thermostats, change them with an app, or any other function. They’re ideal if you spend most of your time at home.

Programmable Thermostat

A step above the most basic model is the programmable thermostat. But what sort of “program” could a thermostat hold?

Being programmable means you can set the thermostat to adjust automatically to the day or nighttime. These thermostats will change based on the time so that you can customize your settings.

If you’re not often at home, it’s a great way to turn the air down when the temperatures stop. Similarly, you can have the air set to come on while you’re headed from work so the home isn’t uncomfortable.

Wi-Fi Enabled Thermostat

Third is the Wi-Fi Thermostat. These thermostats are similar to programmable thermostats and only truly offer one additional benefit: wireless use.

If you’re frequently traveling, these thermostats are perfect. You can use an application to change the programming on your thermostat from afar.

For example, your thermostat is always programmed to come on when you get off of work. That way, your home is cool by the time you get back! But today, you were released from work an hour early.

With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you could use your app to override the programming. You can change these settings on the fly!

Smart Thermostat

The final and most advanced style of thermostat, a smart thermostat integrates with automated tools.

These thermostats are ideal for a home that uses smart speakers or voice assistants. You can use voice commands to alter the air conditioning or make other changes.

Many of these thermostats also have apps that allow you to use them as you would a Wi-Fi thermostat. If you’re frequently traveling and enjoy gadgets, this is a great system for HVAC in Lakewood Ranch.

Knowing the Different Types of Thermostats

The different types of thermostats fill different needs, budgets, and desires. Thermostat manufacturers can offer you low-voltage thermostats to help keep your bills lower as well. Consider how often you’re out of your home before deciding on a type of thermostat.

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