Why Does AC Size Matter in Lakewood Ranch?

ac size

Did you know that the average daily cost to run an AC unit is from $2.70 to $4.50? However, this cost can fluctuate if you don’t have the right air conditioner size.

Having the right-sized AC unit is crucial for keeping your home comfy and your energy bills in check.

We’re going to dive into the basics of AC size, the effects of having an improperly sized system, and the benefits of getting it just right.

Let’s take a look.

AC Size 101

The size of an AC unit is usually measured in either BTUs (British Thermal Units) or tons. BTUs are a way of measuring thermal energy, while tons refer to the cooling capacity of the unit.

Getting the right size is super important because it ensures that your home stays cool and comfy without wasting energy or money. There are many different types of AC systems to choose from, which can make things a bit confusing.

There are central AC systems that cool your entire home, window units that you can install in individual rooms, and portable units that you can move around as needed.

Then there are ductless mini-split systems, which are a mix between central and window units.

The most accurate method is using something called a Manual J calculation, which takes into account factors like your:

  • Home’s insulation
  • Window types
  • The number of people living there

If you’re in a pinch or just looking for a quick estimate, you can use the “rule of thumb” method, which involves multiplying your home’s square footage by 20-25 BTUs.

However, the best way to make sure you have the right size is to ask a professional for an estimate.

Drawbacks of the Wrong Air Conditioner Size

You might think that bigger is better, but when it comes to AC systems, that’s not necessarily the case.

If your AC is too big, it will keep turning on and off all the time, which wastes energy and makes your bills go up. Plus, it won’t do a great job of controlling humidity. Let’s not forget about the higher costs of installing and maintaining a bigger unit.

On the other side, if your AC is too small, it’ll struggle to keep your home cool. It’ll also be working overtime, which means higher energy consumption and more wear and tear on the system.

Benefits of a Properly Sized AC System

Getting the right AC size has many benefits.

It’s a lot more energy efficient, which means you’ll save money on your energy bills. With a properly sized unit, your home will be the perfect temp, and the air quality will be top-notch.

On top of that, your AC system will last longer when it’s the right size since it won’t be working too hard or constantly turning on and off.

A well-sized AC helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which is definitely something to feel good about.

Get the Right AC Unit Size Today

As you can see, finding the right AC size for your home is an important step in making sure you stay cool and comfortable without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re dealing with an oversized or undersized unit, an improperly sized AC system can cause a whole bunch of problems.

Are you looking for an air conditioner? Contact us today to get the right size.

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