When Is It Time to Call HVAC Contractors in Sarasota?

HVAC contractors Sarasota

The average temperature during the hot season in Sarasota, FL, is 86°F. As a result, you need a well-working air conditioning system in your home.

Turning on your AC removes the humidity from your home and cools the hot air, leaving you comfortable and able to breathe easier. But your AC system might need repairs and maintenance from time to time.

How do you know when to call HVAC contractors in Sarasota? Keep reading this guide to learn the signs.

System Stops Working

An AC system can stop working without warning. Unfortunately, systems often stop working on hot, humid days, leaving you uncomfortable in your home. This is an obvious sign it’s time to hire an HVAC company.

When calling, tell them your AC unit stopped working, and you need emergency repairs. They’ll visit your home quickly and inspect all the AC system components.

The system might not have power, causing it not to turn on. It might also have problems with the blower motor, compressor, or coolant level.

The System Isn’t Running Efficiently

In some cases, an AC system will run, but it will not run efficiently. For example, is your system running continuously or blowing hot air instead of cold air? These are all signs you need a Sarasota HVAC company.

A system with a low coolant level will run but won’t cool a home. A system might keep running if it’s not cooling the air enough.

Additionally, systems often experience HVAC issues when the airflow becomes restricted. This can happen from a clogged air filter but can also occur for other reasons.

An inefficient system also occurs from short cycling. This problem causes a system to repeatedly turn on and off without cooling the home. You should address this issue right away to prevent system damage.

Annual Maintenance

Getting an AC inspection is another reason to contact your local HVAC contractor. Consider getting one every year or twice a year for the best results.

An AC inspection identifies common issues homeowners experience. An inspection also includes routine maintenance your system needs to operate properly.

Routine inspections help you prevent major problems and outages. They also help you extend your central AC system’s lifespan.

The System Is Old and Keeps Breaking

Finally, is your system old? If it’s 15 years old, it might be time for a new one. Older systems operate less efficiently and might experience more breakdowns.

An HVAC company can tell you if your system has any life left. If not, they might recommend replacing it with a high-efficient AC system. A newer system is an investment but will help you save money on utility costs.

Contact HVAC Contractors in Sarasota for Services

Are you experiencing any of these signs? If so, you need to call HVAC contractors in Sarasota for repairs, maintenance, or replacement.

Call us at Schwartz Air Conditioning And Heating in Sarasota if you need repairs or maintenance. We can help your system run more efficiently, keeping you cool all year round.

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