What Is the Best MERV Rating for Home HVAC Systems in Parrish?

What Is the Best MERV Rating for Home HVAC Systems in Parrish?

Did you know that certain pollutants can be five times higher in indoor spaces than outside? This is alarming, given that we spend the majority of our lives indoors.

The good news is that the right air filter can eliminate contaminants. However, it is not as simple as getting one with the highest filtration capacity (measured by MERV rating). This could put undue strain on your system, causing high energy bills, and Parrish AC repair to subsequent damage.

This article covers the best MERV rating for home HVAC systems. Keep reading to find out how to choose the right one for your Parrish home.

What Is a MERV Rating?

“MERV” stands for “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.” This refers to its ability to eliminate particles of varying sizes–measured in microns–as they pass through your HVAC system.

Though they can go even higher for industrial and medical environments, MERV ratings run between one and 16 for most home systems. The higher the MERV rating, the better the filter is at trapping smaller air contaminants.

MERV Rating Filtration Capacities

The lowest level of MERV ratings–one through four–will capture particles of various sizes with about 20 percent efficiency. This includes most pollen, dust mites, and textile fibers in the air. A MERV rating of five to seven will capture most mold spores and some forms of dust.

A Parrish AC filter with a MERV rating of eight through 13 gets you much more robust filtration. They will capture larger air particles (between 3 and 10 microns) with about 90 percent efficiency.

They can also capture smaller particles (between 0.3 and 1 microns) with about 75 percent efficiency. This includes things like lead, coal, and nebulizer dust.

Filters with a MERV rating of 14 through 16 get you superior filtration abilities for home systems. They can capture most airborne bacteria, smoke, insecticide dust, and pet dander with about 95 percent efficiency.

As mentioned, MERV ratings between 17 and 20 are reserved for industrial or medical settings, such as operating rooms. They can capture viruses, carbon dust, and other particles that are under 0.3 microns in size.

How to Choose the Best MERV Rating for Home Systems

The best MERV rating for home HVAC depends on your unique system size and configuration. In general, a MERV rating that is too low will fail to filter out the particles described above. But going too high can cause serious problems as well.

First, it can restrict circulation throughout your home, which can impact air quality. It also will make your Parrish AC work harder. This means a huge waste of energy and related utility costs.

It also causes unnecessary wear and tear on your system. This diminishes the lifespan of your unit and could even cause it to break down.

Schedule Parrish AC Repair and Filter Services

Now that you understand what the best MERV rating for home HVAC systems is, you can find an air filter that accomplishes your air filtration goals. A professional Parrish HVAC technician can further advise you on how to get the most out of your filter without affecting energy efficiency or damaging your system.

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