What Are the Common Causes of High Humidity in Your Lakewood Ranch Home?

high humidity

Florida doesn’t just have a hot climate, it’s also quite humid which can make you feel uncomfortable indoors. Not only can high humidity make you feel icky, but it has some serious health implications, too.

If you’re concerned that the indoor humidity in your home is too high, there are some things you can do to fix it.

Check out these common causes of high humidity that may affect your Lakewood Ranch home, and what you can do about it.

Your AC is Too Large

It may sound odd, but if you notice high humidity inside, it could be due to an oversized air conditioner that’s much too large. If your unit is too big in relation to the size of your home, it can cool things down too fast.

This may cause the unit to turn on and off more often, which gives humidity the chance to spread. The evaporator coil inside of your AC acts as a dehumidifier that removes excess moisture from the air.

For the coil to work correctly, the air passing through the unit needs time. If the system continues to turn on and off too frequently, the evaporator coil can’t do its job. Make sure your system is the right size based on the total square footage of your home.

High Humidity and Ventilation

Too much humidity can negatively impact the indoor air quality of your home. Often, your house is so humid because it doesn’t have the proper ventilation that allows excess moisture to escape.

Start by opening your windows for as long as possible to see if the indoor humidity levels drop. If they do, then you may need to have a ventilation system installed to help keep the air circulating and ventilation properly.

Check high moisture areas like your bathroom and kitchen to see if these areas feel more humid. You may need to install a fan or another type of system to help control moisture.

The Air Conditioner Isn’t Working Properly

A well-running AC unit should not only keep your home cool, but it should also prevent high humidity indoors. That’s because cool air holds a lot less moisture than warm air.

If it feels like your AC is blowing hot air or if it’s stopped working altogether, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. When it gets too hot inside, there’s a good chance the indoor humidity levels will rise.

Start by checking the unit to confirm that it’s working. If turns on but doesn’t feel like it’s getting cooler, then it’s time to call in the professionals.

Stay Cool and Dry All Summer

High humidity is definitely unpleasant, but you don’t have to suffer. Remember these tips to help you determine the cause so you can fix it.

If you’re worried about your indoor air quality and temperature control, get in touch with Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating today.

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