Sarasota HVAC: 3 Signs Your Home Needs a New Heater

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Is your home’s heater more than 15 or even 20 years old? That’s going to be the first sign that’ll show it’s time for you to call on a Sarasota HVAC company to supply you with a new heater.

Most home heating systems will start to experience major heater problems when they hit this point. You can avoid these HVAC problems by enlisting the services of a Sarastoa AC and heater company to replace your heating system for you.

There are also other signs that might suggest your home’s heater might be on its last legs. Check out three of them below and reach out to a Sarasota HVAC company right away if you spot any of them.

1. Lack of Heat

You shouldn’t have to fire up your home’s heating system in Sarasota, FL too often. It tends to stay on the warmer side in Sarasota throughout the year.

But when you do have to turn your home’s heater on, you expect it to warm up the interior of your house. If it isn’t doing this, it’ll be one of the first signs that’ll show you should consider replacing it.

A Sarasota AC repair and heater repair service might be able to help you squeeze a little more life out of your heating system. But it might not stick around for much longer.

2. Strange Sounds

Is your home’s heater making a whole lot of noise every time you turn it on? This could be another sign that you should give some thought to replacing it.

As a home’s heating system starts to get up there in age, it’s not going to run as quietly as it used to. Eventually, it can get to be so noisy that you’ll have no choice but to either make extensive repairs to it or replace it altogether.

3. High Heating Costs

If you ever notice that it feels like you’re spending way more than you used to in order to heat your Sarasota home, you might not just be imagining things. Your heater may not be running as efficiently as it once did, and it could result in your heating costs skyrocketing.

The only surefire way to bring your heating costs back down to earth will be by having a Sarasota HVAC technician make repairs to your heater or replace it entirely.

Let Us Serve as Your Sarasota HVAC Company

Do you suspect that you might need to have a new heater installed in your home? You’re going to need to call on a trusted Sarasota HVAC company to set you up with one.

Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating is always here to help any homeowners who are having heater problems. We can either service your home’s heating system to get it working like normal again or speak with you about the possibility of replacing your heater with a brand-new one.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and allow us to handle your HVAC problems.

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