Sarasota, FL Ducted Air Conditioning vs. Split Systems: The Differences Explained

ducted air conditioning

Heat-related deaths have skyrocketed in the Sunshine State, and locals are begging for relief.

In the face of such scorching conditions, having a reliable air conditioning system is more than just a luxury. It becomes a matter of health and safety.

Having an AC installation in your home allows you to combat Florida’s relentless heat. A cool residence can make all the difference in refreshing your body and mind.

If you want to save yourself from these sweltering conditions, you have two main options: ducted air conditioning and split systems. Here’s how to make the right choice for your Sarasota home.

What Is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioning, also known as central air conditioning, is the most popular choice for homeowners in Sarasota, FL. This type of system cools your entire house through ducts in your ceilings.

A ducted AC generates cool air from a compressor and filters it. From there, the air travels throughout your home.

One of the key advantages of ducted AC is that it can cool larger homes with multiple rooms. If you’re looking for a powerful system that can easily handle Sarasota’s hot and humid weather, a ducted AC may be the perfect fit.

What Are AC Split Systems?

Unlike ducted air conditioning systems, split systems don’t require ductwork to spread air. An outdoor unit houses the compressor, while indoor units cool the space.

Each indoor unit is independent, allowing you to cool specific rooms as needed.

Differences Between Ducted Air Conditioning and Split Systems

Both systems offer unique advantages, so evaluating your family’s needs is key to making the right selection. The most important factors to consider are energy efficiency and comfort. However, upfront and long-term costs, maintenance, and system longevity are all noteworthy concerns.

Energy Efficiency

Ducted AC systems consume more energy because of their high cooling capacity and reliance on ductwork for air distribution. Split systems, on the other hand, are more energy-efficient since they don’t have ductwork.

Both systems usually come with inverter technology to optimize energy use.

Versatility and Zoning Capabilities

While ducted AC systems are often seen cooling an entire house, homeowners can install them in some rooms and not others. They can cool specific zones, providing customizable comfort levels.

Split systems work in a similar fashion. They’ll cool the room they’re present in. This offers individual temperature control for folks who want different feelings in different rooms.

Noise Levels and Space Requirements

Ducted AC systems operate quietly and require minimal physical space since they’re installed in the attic.

Split systems, on the other hand, may generate some noise. It’s usually a steady buzzing sound that’s noticeable but not overly loud. Some models are quieter than others.

Their indoor units are compact and can be installed on the wall or ceiling with little intrusion.

The Perfect Cooling Solution for Your Home

Choosing between ducted air conditioning and split systems will depend on home size, budget, and comfort requirements. Ducted AC systems offer high cooling and zoning capabilities. Split systems deliver versatility, energy efficiency, and individual temperature control.

If you want to make an informed decision, our qualified technicians can help you select the best option and ensure proper installation. Contact Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating today for expert guidance and exceptional service.

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