Sarasota AC Services: 4 Tips for a Cooler Home

Sarasota AC Services: 4 Tips for a Cooler Home

The holiday season is over and the Florida heat is around the corner. The average summer temperature in Sarasota is 90 degrees or above.

Your home’s air conditioner better keep up with the heat. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable in your own home on top of paying a higher bill.

There are expert tips to help you combat the Florida heat. Read on to learn how Sarasota AC services can help you keep your home cool. Explore four tips for a cooler home, including Sarasota AC maintenance and DIY tasks to perform.

1. Replace the Air Filter

Replacing your unit’s air filter is one of the easiest steps a homeowner can take. It does not matter how handy you are. Anyone can pull out a dirty air filter and slide in a clean one.

A clogged air filter diminishes cold air flow into your home. Your air conditioner becomes increasingly inefficient and has to work harder to maintain the desired temperature.

This decreases the AC unit’s service life and often leads to costly repairs. When a failure occurs, you will need to bring in Sarasota AC repair services to fix it.

2. Clean the AC System

The air conditioner is an extensive system that includes components and subsystems throughout your home. On the exterior, you have an air condenser that kicks hot air out of the home. Besides the AC unit itself, your home’s interior includes a vast network of ducts that push cold air into each room.

Cleaning AC systems is one of the most underappreciated maintenance tasks. With the air condenser, you need to clear debris in and around the unit.

This is especially true with the condenser fan. Any obstruction inside the unit can create blockages or inefficiencies. You can also vacuum the condenser unit’s fins with a soft-bristled brush.

You should also arrange to clean out the air ducts in your home. Dust and debris build up and can partially or fully block airflow. It is also important for breathing in cleaner air.

3. Control the Variables

Sometimes, your AC unit needs a little help. For example, opening your windows to summer heat or using a screen door does not help the case.

These habits allow hot air in and cold air to escape. Instead, keep your home sealed as much as possible. Close your blinds and curtains to block direct sunlight.

4. Professional AC Servicing

You should consider a service contract with Sarasota AC professionals. Here, expert technicians come to your house regularly to perform routine maintenance.

They will keep your AC unit performing at an optimal level. This will prevent common failures from occurring and extend the service life of your AC. Without preventative maintenance, you may need to consider a Sarasota AC replacement.

Your Guide to Sarasota AC Services

You are now ready to keep your home cool this summer. The Florida heat places a heavy burden on your AC system. It is up to you to keep the unit in good working order.

Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating has been successfully servicing the Greater Sarasota community for nearly 10 years. Not only do they handle Sarasota AC installation, but they also perform maintenance and repair. If you are looking for Sarasota AC services, contact us today to speak with an expert.

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