Sarasota HVAC: Saving Money on AC Repair

Local HVAC Companies: Saving Money on AC Repair

It’s (almost) always sunny in Sarasota, with 255 sunshiny days each year. Even in the winter, it doesn’t get cold; here, the annual average temperature is a comfortable 72 °F.

While that year-round summer-like weather is fantastic, it also means folks here use their air conditioners more. In an ill-maintained system, such prolonged, more frequent use can lead to its failure.

Fortunately, reputable local HVAC companies can restore your AC, rescue you from the heat, and save you money on repairs.

We’ll tell you how, so read on.

Knowledge of Sarasota’s Climate

InterNACHI, a non-profit association for home inspectors, has an Estimated Life Expectancy Chart for U.S. homes. The standard one says the lifespan of central ACs is between seven and 15 years. Interestingly, it has a Florida-specific chart, in which the estimate drops to five to 12 years.

That’s due to Florida’s unique environmental conditions, including salty air, sun, heat, and humidity. All these put home comfort systems used in the state at risk of premature wear, tear, and failure. That’s also why they have unique HVAC maintenance requirements.

Since a local HVAC company’s technicians are from Sarasota, they understand those unique needs. Their comprehensive HVAC services can help keep your system from breaking down too soon. This can reduce the odds of costly repairs, saving you money while prolonging your system’s life.

Quick Response

Some AC problems, including refrigerant leaks, can quickly become expensive repairs. The longer they go on, the more of the vital cooling substance they allow to escape.

Depending on how many pounds of refrigerant you lose, you could pay $100 to $700 for a recharge. Multiple massive leaks can empty your AC supply within just days. Exposure to this substance is also a safety risk, as it’s toxic, flammable, and can burn the skin.

You want a reliable HVAC tech to come to your home ASAP during such instances. But if they’re not local, they’ll likely be unable to provide same-day service.

Local HVAC companies can often service your system within the same day. And if they offer emergency HVAC repairs, they can be at your home in the next hour or two.

Money-Saving Deals

Local HVAC companies offer money-saving maintenance plans that aim to prevent system problems. The most comprehensive ones bundle vital services together, including:

  • Complete system inspection
  • Cleaning the entire system
  • Replacing dirty air filters
  • Recalibrating the thermostat
  • Tightening loose connections
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Refrigerant checks

During the inspection, the technicians will look for worn-out parts, such as belts and fans. If they find any, they’ll inform you and ask your permission before replacing them. It’s best to let them do it, as degraded components can cause more severe and, thus, costlier problems.

Rely on Local HVAC Companies

Local HVAC companies are your best bet, as they know Sarasota’s climate can do a number on your system. Since they’re “neighbors,” they can quickly come to your aid and prevent more severe, costlier AC woes. Their maintenance plans can also help you save on repairs, as these meet your system’s unique needs.

Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating is one such company you can trust. You can always depend on our highly experienced HVAC technicians based in Sarasota.

So, schedule your HVAC service appointment today! We’ll get your system fixed and tuned up ASAP.

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