Lakewood Ranch AC Repair: 5 Signs Your AC Compressor Is Failing

Lakewood Ranch AC Repair: 5 Signs Your AC Compressor Is Failing

Florida is home to more than 20 million people – and we have central air conditioning to thank for making that life possible. When summer temperatures swell into the triple-digit heat index, a misbehaving AC unit can cause major problems.

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your AC working well. To that end, understanding how to know if your AC compressor is bad in Sarasota will help you ensure everything is running correctly.

If you’re curious about how to handle your Lakewood Ranch AC maintenance, we’re here to help. Read on for the five most common signs your AC compressor is bad.

1. Poor Airflow

One of the easiest ways to notice a bad compressor is to test the airflow of your AC unit. A poor compressor can cause your AC to fail to blow enough air.

Testing this is an exceptionally easy task. Simply go to your vent and put your hand up to see how much air is coming out. If the blow is weak, the compressor is often the problem.

2. Strange Noises

AC noises in Sarasota are far from uncommon, but some sounds may make your heart sink. If you’re noticing loud, strange noises from your Sarasota AC unit, a problem with the AC compressor is a common cause.

The most common sound for a failed compressor is a high-pitched hiss. You may also hear clanging or grinding as components fail. Seek out Lakewood Ranch AC maintenance if you hear these warning signs.

3. Problems With the Circuit Breaker

The compressor going bad can cause issues with the flow of power in your AC unit. When this occurs, it can cause your circuit breaker to trip.

If you find your Florida AC unit is tripping the circuit breaker often, this is a likely cause. Have the circuit breaker replaced and see if that solves your circuit breaker issues.

4. No Cold Air

When you turn on the AC and the air coming out is tepid and warm, it’s almost as bad as no air at all. If your AC is not blowing cold air, the compressor is a likely cause.

To test this, put your hand near a vent while the air is on. If you feel warm or hot air, the compressor is likely what’s gone wrong.

5. Leaking AC Units

Finally, you may find that your Lakewood Ranch AC unit is leaking. AC leaks can have many causes, so that makes it difficult to use this symptom to diagnose your compressor. Should you notice these symptoms, seek out Lakewood Ranch AC maintenance.

If you’re finding AC leaks, you should have professionals investigate your AC unit. You may also notice a strange AC smell, such as mildew or a sour scent.

How to Know if Your AC Compressor is Bad in Lakewood Ranch

Understanding how to know if your AC compressor is bad in Lakewood Ranch can feel overwhelming, but the signs are usually obvious. Look for AC leaks, strange smells, issues with your circuit breaker, or trouble with air. If you notice these signs, consider contacting professionals.

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