Lakewood Ranch AC Maintenance: 5 Signs Your AC Needs Freon

Lakewood Ranch AC Maintenance: 5 Signs Your AC Needs Freon

Air conditioning is ideal if you want to keep your home comfortable in the warmer months, and 91% of households across the US have it.

AC units are quite complex, and issues will arise with them from time to time. Freon is a chemical element that most AC systems use to cool the air that’s drawn into the unit. If it runs out, you’ll need Lakewood Ranch HVAC Repair.

Keep reading if you want to learn about some signs that indicate your AC needs freon.

A Lack of Cooling

The main purpose of Lakewood Ranch air conditioning is to cool your home, and it may stop doing this if the freon is running low. Freon absorbs the heat from the incoming air so that it can blow out cold. As the freon level drops, your AC will cool air less efficiently, and eventually, it won’t cool at all until you have a Lakewood Ranch AC maintenance company deal with it.

High Utility Bills

Your AC system may experience a drop in its cooling capacity making it less efficient. To keep your home at the desired temperature, it will need to use more energy. Utility bills tend to rise slowly with time, but sudden spikes could be down to a lack of freon.

Vents Blowing Out Warm Air

The only thing an AC unit can do that’s worse than failing to cool your home is to actively make it hotter. The last thing you need in the middle of the summer is for your AC to be blowing warm air in.

If there isn’t enough freon, your unit won’t be able to convert hot air into cold air. A Lakewood Ranch AC maintenance technician will be able to help with this.

Ice Build-Up on the Refrigerant Line

If there seems to be a lack of freon, there may be an ice build-up on the refrigerant line. Freon keeps the evaporator at a stable temperature, but if it gets too cold, the moisture surrounding the refrigerant line can freeze.

If this isn’t dealt with quickly, the refrigerant could reach the compressor. This can cause severe damage that could be quite expensive to repair. As such, you want to deal with this issue as early as you can.

Strange Noises

An AC unit will typically make some noise, and you’ll get used to it with time. At some point, however, you may notice it making some more unusual noises.

A hissing sound, specifically, is an indicator of low freon. There can also be other noises that happen as a result of another issue. It’s worth getting a Lakewood Ranch AC maintenance technician to inspect your AC unit if you notice strange noises so they can determine the exact issue and how to deal with it.

What to Do if Your AC Needs Freon

If you notice any issues with your Lakewood Ranch air conditioning installation, it could be because your AC needs freon. A professional Lakewood Ranch AC repair company will be able to deal with this as well as any other issues with your system.

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