How to Clean an Evaporator Coil Without Removing It in Lakewood Ranch

how to clean evaporator coil without removing

Hundreds of people die every year due to extreme heat. Reliable AC is not only a matter of comfort and convenience, but one of safety as well.

One of the best things you can do to ensure continuous, efficient operation of your AC is regular maintenance. There are some tasks you can perform on your own, including evaporator coil cleaning.

A dirty evaporator coil can cause reduced cooling capacity. It can also make your system run longer, which will increase utility bills and reduce the life of your AC.

This article explains how to clean an evaporator coil without removing it. Keep reading to find out how to get yours back in shape and ensure it is functioning well.

How to Clean an Evaporator Coil Without Removing It

If you want to know how to clean an evaporator coil without removing it, there are several steps. They are pretty straightforward, but if you are unsure if you are doing it correctly, do not hesitate to contact a professional.

Find and Access the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil is found in the air handler. This is most often either inside or outside of the building and should not be confused with the air compressor (which is almost always outside).

First, ensure that the power to your air handler is turned completely off. Remove the access panel to view the inside of the air handler.

AC coils are most often found near the intake side of the air handler. They are usually aluminum, steel, copper, or some other type of metal formed into a U shape between two panels.

Identify the Type of Coil

Most systems have one of two types of evaporator coil. “Cased” coils run horizontally and, as the name suggests, are enclosed by a metal casing.

“Uncased” coils can be either horizontal or vertical and lack the protective case. These are less common in residential HVAC systems but are easier to clean.

Clean the Coil

Buy a professional-grade alkaline evaporator coil cleaner and a spray bottle. Most systems will require about 1 gallon of solution per cleaning.

Spray the solution onto the coils and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Use a soft brush to gently remove any dust or debris. You can use a vacuum to suck up loose particles that get left behind.

You can also use compressed air to blow any dirt and debris from the coils. This is especially useful in hard-to-reach areas. Once you have completed cleaning, remember to replace the access panel cover before restarting your system.

Consider Maintenance Plans

While DIY HVAC system tasks might save you a little bit of money, they can be time-consuming. You also have to ensure you have the correct equipment and materials to do it right. One easy way to avoid this is to lump all these responsibilities, including evaporator coil cleaning, into a maintenance plan.

Hiring a technician can help make sure all components in your system are in good shape and operating as they should. It also has the advantage of catching minor problems before they become major ones. This can prolong the life of your system and ensure it is running efficiently, which can lower your utility bills.

Find HVAC Maintenence Services Near You

Now that you know how to clean an evaporator coil without removing it, you can get started. With a little time and effort, you can make sure yours is clean and running properly.

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