How Often Should You Get an AC Inspection in Lakewood Ranch, Florida?

AC inspection lakewood ranch

The average central air conditioner system lasts for 12 to 15 years. Of course, these systems wear out faster when used more often. Therefore, living in Florida might result in needing a replacement faster.

You can extend the life of your AC system by caring for your system. One of the best ways to do this is by getting an AC inspection in Lakewood Ranch, FL.

An AC inspection helps you find problems and ensures your system works well. But how often should you get one? Keep reading this guide to learn the answer.

Annually at a Minimum

The Florida climate is hot, humid, and unbearable at times. As a result, you rely on your AC system to keep you cool when you’re home.

An AC inspection helps you keep your system running. That’s why getting routine inspections is vital. Most HVAC companies recommend inspections once a year at a minimum.

The weather is cooler in the winter and spring but tends to heat up by May. Therefore, the best time to get an annual inspection is in April or May, just before the weather gets hot.

During an AC inspection, a technician examines the entire HVAC unit. They look for loose and worn-out parts and check the coolant level. If necessary, they add coolant and replace worn-out parts. They also clean the system.

Twice a Year Is the Better Choice

Many HVAC contractors recommend inspections twice a year instead of only once. Of course, the frequency also depends on your AC unit’s age and the issues you experience.

If you decide to get one twice a year, aim for April and September. April is ideal for preparing your system for the hot summer. September is helpful for cleaning the system after operating it all summer.

Additionally, an AC inspection presents the ideal time to ask questions about your system.

For example, you might ask how you can improve the system’s efficiency. You can also ask about your indoor air quality and ways to improve it.

When You Have Issues or Need Maintenance

Getting an AC inspection is also smart when your system stops working or isn’t working well. For example, is your AC constantly running? A system will run more during hot spells but shouldn’t run constantly.

An overworking AC system wears out faster, so you should address it.

Inspecting the system is also beneficial if your system short cycles. It’s also helpful when your system stops working or blows hot air. These signs may indicate low AC coolant.

However, it could be a number of different issues. An HVAC technician will find it through an inspection.

Get an AC Inspection in Lakewood Ranch

When did you last hire a company for an AC inspection in Lakewood Ranch? It’s probably time to get one if it’s been longer than six months. An AC inspection is helpful for your system’s operations and lifespan.

Contact us at Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating for services. We offer inspections, maintenance, and services for systems that need work.

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