Ellenton AC: How Long Does a New AC Installation Take In Florida?

New AC Installation

If you’re a Florida resident that wants to make it through some hot and muggy summers, it always comes down to replacing your air conditioner at the right time.

You can usually expect your air conditioner to last 15 to 20 years before it has to be replaced. Florida AC professionals can assist you with installing any type of equipment you see fit.

In this new AC installation guide, we’ll take a look at how long these installations will take, among other details.

These tips will help you out when you’re looking for a new AC installation but have some questions that need answering.

The Timeline of a New AC Installation

In general, you can expect an AC installation to take the entire work day – or roughly 8 hours. Block out enough time and make sure that you’re around to give the HVAC pros access to your home.

This work may take longer depending on some circumstances. Here are a few of the main things that you need to consider when looking for new AC work:

Choose the Right AC Contractor

You can’t allow just any contractor to install a new AC for you. This is a major repair in your home that will require skill, experience, and knowledge.

Hire an air conditioning contractor that you know and trust to offer results. Look them up in Florida’s business database, and make sure that they are both licensed and insured. Ask some relatives or friends which companies they used whenever they needed a new air conditioning system.

Consider the Nature of the Installation

Installing a new AC unit isn’t always a cut-and-dry matter. If you’re dealing with an emergency, or if the work is taking place after-hours, you can expect both to pay more for the service, and it might also take longer.

The way that your home is situated might also play a role in how long it takes to handle your new installation. Weigh these factors and ask your HVAC professional for an upfront time estimate.

Find the Best Type of AC Unit

Make sure that you also shop until you find the ideal air conditioner for your home. More extensive and high-tech air conditioning systems might also take longer for these pros to install.

Always choose a unit that you know will last for several years so that you can get a return on your investment and the most value out of your money for the long term.

Add a maintenance plan to your installation so that it’s also protected.

Get the AC Installation That You Need

By following these words of advice, you can start working toward getting a new AC installation that will serve you. Buying an air conditioning system is something that homeowners will eventually have to do at least a time or two, so don’t half-step when it comes time to find the professionals that will do the work for you.

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