Hot HVAC Tips for Summer in Sarasota, Florida

hvac tips for summer Sarasota summer

Florida summers in Sarasota average temperatures in the 90s and lows in the mid 70s. This is serious heat by any metric, so you’ll need to prepare your home HVAC system.

Taking care of your AC will keep you comfortable and protect your health in the face of the heat.

Here are some HVAC tips for summer that you should know that will help you out when hot weather arrives.

Check or Change Your Thermostat

For starters, get your thermostat checked out. This is an important component of air conditioning maintenance that will help get you through a brutal Sarasota summer.

Invest in a programmable thermostat so that you can manage your temperatures and keep your home cool. Trying to hold onto a clunky thermostat can overtax your system. Upgrading to a new one can help you get better performance from your system while keeping your bills low.

Swap Out Your Filters

Managing your summer AC unit requires you to change out your filters. You should change your filters every month to make sure that dirt doesn’t clog the system and to filter out allergens.

Not only will this keep your breathing air clean, but you’ll also get better performance from your air conditioner. It can lower your bills, which is important since they tend to spike during the summer months.

Get an Overall HVAC System Inspection

Call in a Sarasota HVAC contractor to get an inspection when summer arrives. They’ll make sure that every part of your system is working correctly.

It’s best to catch red flags so that you don’t run the risk of your AC failing on you when the weather is hot and humid. Many of these contractors get booked up in the summertime, so fixing your system beforehand can help you beat the rush.

Make Any Repairs You Need

Finally, make sure to spring for any serious repairs that you might need. This can help you avoid a broken AC later. Putting off serious repairs to your air compressor, thermostat, capacitor, and other issues can become more expensive down the road.

Get cost estimates from a handful of different AC pros in Sarasota to know that you’re getting the best deal. They will provide you with the best parts for your air conditioner and can add a protective warranty to go with it.

The Best HVAC Tips for Summer

If staying cool is your priority this summer, you need to have a solid plan of action. These HVAC tips for summer will help you when you’re ready to protect your home and well-being this season.

The biggest part of your plan of action should involve finding a licensed and insured HVAC professional that specializes in these systems. Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating can assist you when you are ready to do what’s right for your home heating and cooling needs.

We serve homeowners all over the area and would be happy to help you. Book an appointment online, send us a message, or call us at (941)809-8588.

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