Heat Pump vs AC: A Comparison Guide for Lakewood Ranch Homeowners

heat pump vs ac

When temperatures fluctuate in Lakewood Ranch, FL, your heating and cooling system keeps you comfortable. With average summer highs of 92°F, Spring is the time for Lakewood Ranch HVAC system renovations.

When looking for an HVAC system for Lakewood Ranch homes, you have a choice to make: heat pump vs AC.

Both these systems look the same to many people, but their functions and benefits are different. You need to know which is best for your home.

Read on for your heat pump vs AC guide.

Heat Pump vs AC: The Differences

Many people think an air conditioner works by cooling hot air and blowing it around your home. The opposite is in fact true. An air conditioner works by taking heat from indoors and venting it outside.

Air filters, vents, fans, and a compressed refrigerant let an AC work its magic. Regular maintenance boosts cooling efficiency. The heat transfer process is one-way, however, and your air conditioner lacks the ability to heat your home without a furnace.

A heat pump in cooling mode works much the same way as an AC. It sucks hot air from inside and disperses it outside through its venting system. The difference is that a heat pump has reverse gear.

When things get colder, you can tell your heat pump to heat your home instead of cooling it. It uses a reverse valve to pull warm air in from outside. Amazingly, this works even in near-freezing temperatures.

The Benefits of a Heat Pump vs AC

In terms of cost, the heat pump vs. AC debate is a close call. Both have advantages and areas of savings. The upfront cost of the indoor heat pump section can be cheaper than some ACs, but the outdoor unit is more expensive.

However, you would need to pair your AC with a furnace to have a complete Lakewood Ranch HVAC system, and this costs extra. Your heat pump can cool and warm you year-round. It is also more energy-efficient in cooling mode.

Hypothetically, if things did go below 32°F, you would need to pair your heat pump with a gas-powered furnace too. Your heat pump uses more electricity at near-freezing temperatures, reducing your energy efficiency, and increasing costs. Unlike with an air conditioner, though, you would still have the option to heat your home.

Energy Sage says Florida residents spend an average of $207 per month on electricity. Given Lakewood Ranch’s subtropical climate, a heat pump can offer the most efficient cooling solution.

Looking for Lakewood Ranch HVAC Services?

Your heat pump vs AC choice comes down to climate and needs. An HVAC system for Lakewood Ranch homes would rarely need heating, but an HVAC company can advise you on the best product for you.

Schwartz Air is a Sarasota-based, family-run HVAC company. Our certified team of technicians can install, customize, repair, and maintain your Lakewood Ranch HVAC system.

Aside from Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch, we serve Bradenton, Parrish, and Ellenton. Benefit from our interest-free payment plans to get the HVAC system you need.

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