Furnace Inspection Checklists: What Should Your Sarasota HVAC Technician Be Looking for?

Furnace Inspection Checklists: What Should Your Sarasota HVAC Technician Be Looking for?

Imagine owning the home of your dreams. Over time, it slowly begins to deteriorate and becomes unsafe for your family to stay there. This can easily occur if you neglect your maintenance obligations.

It’s recommended to set aside at least 1% of your home’s total value each year to handle maintenance expenses. One of the most important areas of your home to prioritize is your furnace.

Scheduling a furnace inspection is essential, but not everyone knows what to expect from their HVAC technician. Let’s explore the key details your technician will consider to ensure your furnace has efficient heating and operates safely.

The Filters

If your filters aren’t regularly changed, debris and dirt can build up within them. This can impede airflow and cause your furnace to operate less efficiently. Your technician will ensure that your filters are in good condition and replace them if they aren’t.

The Burners

Similar to your furnace’s filters, its burners also need to be properly maintained. Burners are notably susceptible to condensation and soot, both of which can cause your furnace to age prematurely.

Professionals will generally check the burners annually, but they might take a look if your furnace has recently experienced issues. It’s possible to inspect them yourself, but most people don’t have the knowledge to recognize the signs that something’s wrong.

The Gas Line

Faulty gas lines often emit a hissing sound. This might only be noticeable if you’re close to the furnace at first, but it can grow louder over time.

Another major indicator that there are issues present is the smell of propane. If you notice either of these signs, shut off the furnace’s main valve immediately and get in touch with a professional.

Air Openings

Vent blocks sometimes occur within your furnace’s air openings. These can stem from a variety of causes, ranging from pressure imbalances to carbon monoxide buildup. Physical blockage is also a common occurrence.

These often include dust, pollen, leaves, and mold. Your technician will check for the presence of vent blocks and take action if they notice outstanding issues.

Finding a Technician

To get the best results, it’s imperative to work with the right professional. They have the tools and resources to resolve issues quickly and safely.

When looking for someone to hire, consider their past reputation. There should be no shortage of positive feedback from satisfied customers.

You should also ensure they have sufficient experience. Inexperienced technicians can sometimes overlook major issues, causing additional problems in the future. In some cases, this could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Never Neglect a Furnace Inspection

Overlooking a furnace inspection can lead to a large number of issues in the future. Ensure you work with a reputable company so you can avoid problems you may have otherwise encountered.

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