DIY vs. Professional: When to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair in Lakewood Ranch

DIY vs. Professional: When to Call for Emergency Furnace Repair in Lakewood Ranch

With over 650,000 HVAC service professionals in the US, there’s little reason to try and fix your furnace on your own.

Lakewood Ranch is not the first place that comes to mind when you think about winter weather, but that doesn’t mean our residents don’t need functioning furnaces. If your furnace breaks down with winter just around the corner, you need to get it fixed quickly.

Many homeowners will try to troubleshoot furnace problems on their own, but these are complex heating systems that need true expertise. Fortunately, emergency furnace repair is available.

Today, we’ll tell you when you should put down the tools and pick up the phone for an HVAC pro. Keep reading and get your damaged furnace fixed the right way.

Overheating Furnace

When your furnace works too hard or has a blockage in the filter, it’s going to overheat. If it’s functioning properly, an overheating furnace will have a sensor that causes it to turn itself off. A broken sensor won’t be able to communicate to the furnace that it’s overheating and you’ll end up with problems.

You can prevent this issue by cleaning your furnace filter and changing it regularly. When left too long, however, the overheating can reach dangerous levels and lead to a house fire. If you can hear your furnace continuing to run even when it’s already warm, you need emergency repair.

Strange Odors

It’s pretty typical for your furnace to emit a variety of odors. For instance, a burning smell probably means your furnace is burning dust and debris in and around the unit.

Some smells are indicative of a more serious issue. A metallic scent often means the furnace itself is running too hot, while a sulfurous smell could mean that you’ve got a gas leak and need to evacuate your home immediately and call the authorities before contacting an emergency HVAC service.

Loud Noises

You can take a similar approach with sounds. It’s completely normal for a furnace to make noise when it’s cycling, but there are certain noises you really shouldn’t ignore.

Rumbling after a furnace has completed its cycle might indicate burning fuel, which is a major fire hazard. Thumping could indicate loose parts, such as the motor or blower wheel. Frequent popping tells you that you’ve probably got cracks in your heat exchanger.

All of the above noises should be investigated by an emergency furnace repair service immediately. If you continue using the furnace while these things are occurring, it could be dangerous and costly.

Get Emergency Furnace Repair in Lakewood Ranch

Any of the issues that we’ve mentioned here should only be handled by a dedicated HVAC pro. Finding the best emergency furnace repair in Lakewood Ranch doesn’t have to be difficult.

At Schwartz Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer 24/7 customer support for any of the above emergency HVAC issues and more. Don’t let a small problem become a big one. Contact us as soon as you notice a problem and we’ll send someone over to fix it.

Do you want a furnace tune-up?

At Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating, we know that reliable and affordable HVAC companies are hard to find.

Contact our office today to talk to one of our technicians. We’ll schedule an appointment to come to your home as soon as possible.

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