AC Installation Cost: How to Save Money on Your New AC

AC Installation Cost: How to Save Money on Your New AC

In Southwest Florida, where it feels like summer almost year-round, one of the last things you want is to have a broken air conditioner.

Depending on how hot the day gets, it may make you feel uncomfortable or ill. According to the CDC, you can prevent heat-related health woes by staying somewhere with an AC as much as possible.

So, if your cooling system is on its last legs, it’s best to get it replaced ASAP. However, prepare to pay quite a lot for your AC installation cost. A new one can set you back $2,000 to $7,500.

Luckily, several strategies can help you save on a new AC. We’ve discussed them in this guide, so read on.

Don’t Go With a Too-Big Unit

An oversized unit will cost you more than a properly sized air conditioner.

First, there’s the purchase and installation price; the bigger the AC unit, the higher its price tag. Second, it’ll use more energy, which means higher bills. Lastly, being too big for your home can significantly impact its lifespan.

Yes, a too-big unit can cool your home faster. However, it won’t be able to remove enough moisture from the air. It’ll also kick on and shut down too quickly, resulting in premature wear and tear on system components.

The faster and the more wear and tear occurs, the more you’ll likely need repairs. As you spend more on fixing your AC over the years, you may decide to replace it sooner.

Avoid Buying an Undersized Unit

While you can expect lower AC installation costs for a smaller unit, it can still cost you more in the long run. It’ll cool your home, but not to your desired level, forcing you to run it longer and at the lowest possible setting. This prolonged usage translates to higher cooling bills and premature wear and tear.

So, even if an undersized unit may cost less upfront, you’ll still pay more to use it over the years.

Hire a Licensed HVAC Professional

In Florida, installing or replacing an AC requires proper permits from local government agencies. For example, in Sarasota, you can apply for one online through the City’s official government site.

While filling out the permit application form, you must provide your licensed HVAC contractor’s details. Emphasis on “licensed,” as unlicensed and unpermitted work is illegal in Sarasota.

A dependable HVAC contractor will apply for all necessary permits on your behalf.

Besides, when you hire a pro, their AC installation services often include an audit. This entails matching your cooling needs with the appropriate and correctly sized HVAC system. As a result, you can save money on your new system’s purchase and operational costs.

Save on Your AC Installation Cost

Since a new AC can cost a lot, you want to ensure you’ll pay the right price upfront and in the long run. To do this, get a licensed pro to size your new system and install it properly.

The expert technicians at Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating can do all that and more for you. With many years of experience, we’ll ensure you get the right-sized system for your Sarasota or Lakewood Ranch home.

So, connect with us today; we’ll happily give you an accurate AC installation cost estimate!

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