5 Tips for Hiring an AC Repair Company in Parrish, FL

AC repair company

Your AC unit is really an unsung hero until the morning you wake up to a stuffy house. Or the day you walk in from work and the house is sweltering.

When that happens, you must make decisions quickly to get the AC repair you need.

The question becomes two-fold, who do you call that’s honest and reliable? And, do you fix the AC or replace it?

The only way to decide that is to hire an AC repair company that you trust. Read on to learn more about finding the best company for your AC repair needs.

1. Know About Your Own Unit

As you prepare to call for AC maintenance and repairs, it will be helpful if you know some things about your AC unit.

Your repair company may want some basic information beyond why you think it needs a repair. You should be prepared with the following:

  • AC brand, if you know it
  • What indicates a repair is needed
  • How old is the unit
  • Size of your home

You should also inform the AC company if the unit is under warranty.

2. Get Referrals

Once you know your particulars, you can start to look for an HVAC company. Before calling the first company that pops up when you do an online search, start by asking friends or family for referrals.

Who have they used successfully? Who have they used that they might not recommend?

With so many choices, it makes more sense to use an AC repair service that was successfully used by someone you know.

3. Check Company Credentials

As you consider HVAC companies, a deal breaker in hiring them should be company credentials. You need to know you’re hiring a company that’s appropriately licensed with the state.

This tells you they have the proper training and credentials to work as an AC professional.

You also should only hire an AC service that is insured. This protects you if there are any problems or injuries on your property.

4. Experience and Service

Another important consideration with AC repair companies is how much experience they have and the kinds of services they provide.

You want to know you’ll be hiring an AC company with the experience to address your issues. Be sure to ask about the company’s expertise and the experience of the service personnel who will be working on your unit.

You should also ask about their services. This might include 24-hour emergency service, after-hours calls, or weekend hours.

5. Get a Written Estimate

Be sure the company you hire is willing to provide a written estimate about the proposed work that needs to be done.

You don’t want to have a repair completed and be blindsided by the cost. If you talk with multiple companies, you can also compare estimates.

Hire a Reliable AC Repair Company

As you look for an AC repair company, use these tips to guide you to the best choice for your AC repair and maintenance.

If you need an AC repair in Parrish, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help keep your AC running well.

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