Sarasota AC: 5 Signs Your AC Needs to Be Replaced

5 Signs Your Sarasota AC Needs to Be Replaced

Our air conditioning units get a lot of use during the blistering hot months of the year. Many Florida residents run their ACs twice as often as they do in cooler months. The continual usage can put a lot of wear and tear on the AC.

Your Sarasota AC might be showing indications that it’s time to replace it. This blog will discuss the top five signs that replacing your HVAC unit is the way to go.

1. It’s Not Blowing Cold Air

The entire purpose of an AC is to circulate cool air throughout your home. One of the top signs you might need a new HVAC unit is that it’s blowing out warm air instead of cool.

The problem might be something as simple as adjusting your thermostat. It might’ve gotten switched off or someone changed the temperature. If turning on the thermostat and putting it at a cool temp didn’t fix the problem, you might need to explore AC replacement.

2. Your Unit Is Leaking

Your AC unit uses a refrigerant to cool down the air before sending it into your home. Condensation can accumulate because of this process, but that’s nothing to worry about. However, no liquid should leak from your AC or start to accumulate underneath it.

An active leak in your AC or pooled water indicates that your unit isn’t functioning as it should. Leaks can lead to severe damage or structural problems. Don’t hesitate to contact the repair company if you have a leaking HVAC system.

3. Increased Humidity

Florida residents are no strangers to high humidity levels. It has an average humidity of 85.58%, making it the fourth-most humid state.

It’s normal to experience those humidity levels outdoors, but you shouldn’t deal with them while inside. Your AC unit is designed to automatically moderate your home’s humidity levels. You might need a new AC if you’re noticing increased humidity levels.

4. Your Unit Is Old

If your system is over a decade old, it might be time for an upgrade. Your current unit can’t perform as efficiently as it used to. Newer systems have new modifications that enable them to run smoothly at a lower cost.

5. Frequent Cooling Cycles

Your AC unit should run routine cooling cycles regardless of the temperature outside. You can expect the system to cycle on more often during the hottest days of the year. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t turn on and off all of the time.

Your HVAC system might be in need of a tune-up. Continually turning on might mean it’s time for a replacement.

Partner With an Experienced Sarasota AC Company

While AC units are designed to last for many years, there comes a time when you’ll need a new one. Knowing the signs that your system is beginning to fail is key. You want to get a new unit before your current one dies on you in the middle of summer.

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