Ellenton AC: 5 Dirty Signs You Need to Hire an Air Duct Cleaning Service ASAP

Ellenton air duct cleaning service

The air ducts in your home transport air to every room to keep it warm in the winter or cool in the summer. According to the EPA, there are several reasons why you should consider scheduling an air duct cleaning.

Knowing the signs of dirty air ducts can keep you and your family safe from potentially harmful elements like mold, dust, and mildew.

Read on for five signs you need to hire a professional air duct cleaning service as soon as possible.

1. You Can See Mold

Sometimes, mold is invisible to the naked eye, but if you can see it, then it’s time to consider scheduling an air duct cleaning service. If you live in a humid climate, there’s a greater chance that mold can start to grow inside your air ducts.

When mold spores become airborne, they can cause a variety of serious health issues. People with asthma or respiratory allergies are particularly vulnerable to mold. If you notice a blue or black color in your air ducts, then it’s a good idea to have them cleaned as soon as possible.

2. Call an Air Duct Cleaning Service if You See Dirt on Vents

One of the most obvious signs of dirty air ducts is when you notice dirt accumulating on the air vents in your home. The ductwork is connected to the vents, so if they’re dirty, then it’s highly likely your air ducts are, too.

Keep a close eye on your air vents and make sure you contact the best air duct cleaning service possible if dirt starts to show. The sooner you can clean the ducts, the less dirt and dust will be circulating throughout the air in your home.

3. Respiratory Problems

If you’re starting to experience symptoms of allergies or respiratory distress, then dirty air ducts could be to blame. When dust, pet dander, or mildew are circulating in the air, it can lead to an exacerbation of symptoms.

Pay attention to how you feel and if you notice that your symptoms are worse when you’re home, it might be time for an air duct cleaning. Don’t wait if you are dealing with increased symptoms of allergies or asthma. The sooner you can get the ducts cleaned, the better you’ll feel.

4. Higher Energy Bills

A sudden increase in your monthly heating or cooling bill could be a result of dirty air ducts. When the ducts get clogged, it can make your HVAC system work harder, which requires more energy.

Look carefully at your bills every month and call a professional if you’re concerned. Having clean air ducts can improve your HVAC system’s efficiency to save you money.

5. Pest Problems

Pests like insects and rodents thrive in humid, dirty environments. One of the signs of dirty air ducts is if you notice a sudden pest problem.

Dirt, hair, and skin provide food to a wide range of nasty pests. By cleaning your air ducts, you’re taking away their food source and inhibiting an environment where they can thrive.

Keep Your Ducts Clean

Remember these signs in case you need to contact an air duct cleaning service. From mold and pests to increased energy bills, air duct cleaning can relieve a range of problems.

If you need your air ducts cleaned or any other form of HVAC service, contact our team today so we can help.

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