4 Key Points on Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

4 Key Points on Your Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Are you prepared to spend between $3,800 and $7,900 for a new AC unit? Don’t take care of your current unit, and you will find yourself spending this amount of money sooner rather than later. To continue enjoying heating and air conditioning in your home, you need to perform routine maintenance.

This air conditioning maintenance checklist will help you check your system’s key components.

1. Change the Air Filter

The most basic of HVAC tips is to clean or change your air filter. When the filter does its job, it becomes clogged with dust, dander, and debris that would otherwise circulate through the air in your home. Over time, the filter becomes so clogged that it restricts airflow.

This causes your system to work harder. The additional wear and tear will cause the system to reach the end of its useful life sooner.

What’s worse is that a dirty air filter can make you sick. It is a hotbed of bacteria and microscopic pests. Neglecting a dirty filter circulates these health hazards through your home’s air.

2. Check the Thermostat

The thermostat is the central control of your air conditioning system. If it’s not functioning correctly, it can bring down the entire operation and cost you significantly more in operational running costs. This becomes evermore important during the winter.

You can reduce energy costs by keeping your thermostat set between 68 and 70 degrees during the winter. If you have an older-style thermostat, consider upgrading to a modern smart or programmable one.

Start checking your thermostat by checking the power supply. Then, set it to a temperature high or lower and listen for it to kick on.

3. Inspect the Cooling Coils

During HVAC servicing, you must check the cooling coils for ice buildup. Excessive ice will put additional wear and tear on your compressor. It will run at a higher temperature and eventually burn the unit out.

There are two ways you can clean the evaporator coils without removing them. The first option is to turn the unit off and wait for the ice to melt. The other option is to use a professional-grade alkaline cleaner.

4. Clear the Condensation Drain Line

The condensation drain line is where your system expells the built-up moisture in the system. The drain pipe can become cracked or clogged, causing the expelled water to leak to other areas.

Use a wire brush to clean out any clogs and buildup on the inside of the pipe. Pour vinegar into the drain line to kill bacteria, mildew, and algae. Then, flush the drain line with clean water.

You may also need to use an HVAC to clear out the pipe. If this doesn’t do it, schedule an HVAC maintenance appointment and let the professionals clear your drain lines.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Checklist

Follow these five tips for doing your DIY air conditioning maintenance checklist. You may need to schedule an HVAC repair appointment if your system malfunctions.

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