4 Common Problems With an Old Furnace and How to Fix Them in Sarasota

4 Common Problems With an Old Furnace and How to Fix Them in Sarasota

Most homeowners would agree that a furnace is necessary for a comfortable life. Luckily, they’re built to last for a really long time. So you likely won’t have to be without one for an extended period of time.

But that doesn’t mean they never have issues that need to be resolved. Occasionally, you’ll have to do some work to keep your furnace in the best condition to heat your house.

This is especially true when you have an old furnace. Knowing what to look for can help you call in the experts and get back to a cozy house quickly. Check out these common problems that need furnace repairs!

1. Dirty Furnace Filter

One of the most common furnace problems is a dirty filter. Luckily, it’s very easy to fix by simply switching out the old one for a new one. The problem is knowing when your filter is dirty.

Leaving the filter dirty for too long can have some serious side effects. So scheduling maintenance appointments in advance can help you stay on top of this task much easier.

2. Leaking Coolant

Just like your car needs coolant, so does your furnace. Coolant helps to regulate the temperature in the system itself. So it protects parts from damage that happens when they’re too hot or too cold.

Sometimes the lines that transfer the coolant through the system become damaged and that’s where the leak comes from. A technician can easily replace those parts. And then your furnace should be back to normal!

3. Fan Isn’t Blowing Warm Air

The fan is one of the most important parts of a furnace. It blows the warm air out into your home through the ducts. When it’s not working right, you won’t get any temperature change.

There are a variety of reasons a fan isn’t working. Whether that be that it won’t turn on or doesn’t have enough power to pump the air around. Either way, it’s a good idea to have your fan checked as a part of your furnace maintenance.

4. Thermostat Not Connected

A thermostat is your way of controlling the temperature in your home. Occasionally, there are issues with the connection between the HVAC system and the thermostat. Furnace service appointments should always include checking this connection.

It could be a power supply issue. Or it could be related to the thermostat itself. No matter what, this job is definitely better left up to the professionals.

Common Problems People Have With an Old Furnace

Keeping your old furnace in the best shape means paying close attention to how it’s running. You can’t ignore the whole thing for years and expect it to work like new.

The best thing you can do is stay on top of maintenance and repairs to avoid a full breakdown. Calling in the experts will ensure that the job gets done right.

Our team at Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating provides that kind of service. Our certified technicians and 24/7 customer support line handle all HVAC needs in Sarasota. If you need help with your furnace, contact us today!

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