3 Risks of Neglecting Your Furnace Filter in Sarasota, FL

dirty furnace filter

If you’re living in sunny Sarasota, you might not think too much about your furnace.

It’s still an essential part of your home’s comfort and safety, especially during the rare chilly nights. One often-overlooked aspect of furnace maintenance is the dirty furnace filter.

Neglecting this vital component can lead to several risks. It affects your health, your wallet, and your home’s well-being. Read on to explore the three negative effects of dirty air filters in Sarasota.

1. Decreased Air Quality and Health Issues

Sarasota residents are no strangers to pollen, dust, and other airborne allergens. This is especially true during the warm, breezy months. Your furnace filter works hard to keep these pollutants out of your home’s air.

What happens when you neglect to change furnace filters? Your furnace can’t do its job well. What dirty air filters in houses can do to indoor air quality is striking.

The filter becomes clogged with dust, pollen, pet dander, and other particles. This prevents it from trapping more contaminants. As a result, these pollutants circulate through your home’s ductwork and into the rooms you and your family breathe in.

Breathing in contaminated air can trigger all kinds of health issues. This can include allergies, asthma, and respiratory infections. This can be quite problematic for young children, the elderly, or those with preexisting health conditions.

2. Increased Energy Bills

Sarasota’s warm and humid climate means your air conditioner is your best friend for most of the year. When your furnace and air conditioning systems share the same air handler, a clogged furnace filter can put a strain on your AC’s efficiency.

Filters that don’t get replaced restrict the airflow through your HVAC system. When your AC can’t receive enough air to cool your home, it must work harder and longer to maintain the desired temperature.

This increased workload translates into higher energy bills. Not replacing furnace filters is like throwing money out the window on cooling costs that could be reduced by a simple maintenance task.

3. Potential HVAC System Damage

Ignoring the importance of replacing your furnace filter often can lead to major consequences for your HVAC system. The effects of a dirty air filter on the system can be expensive and frustrating. When your filter becomes clogged, the reduced airflow puts stress on your furnace’s blower motor.

It’ll then overheat or even fail prematurely. A damaged blower motor can result in expensive repairs or a full system replacement, neither of which is budget-friendly.

A clogged furnace filter could also end up freezing the evaporator coil. Reduced airflow can cause the coil to become too cold and accumulate ice, which can damage the coil and other components in your air conditioning system.

Repairing or replacing an evaporator coil is another costly endeavor that can be avoided with regular filter maintenance.

You Should Never Ignore a Dirty Furnace Filter

A dirty furnace filter can wreak havoc on so many things. Changing it often will protect your home, health, and finances.

Getting professional furnace maintenance is also crucial. Contact Schwartz Air Conditioning and Heating to schedule your visit.

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